Jenelle Joanne Ramsami

General Basics & Summary

Name: Jenelle Joanne Ramsami

Birth Name: Jenelle Joanne Ramsami

Nickname: Jenjo

Height: 5′ 3″ (1.61 m)

Sex: F

Nationality: South African

Birth Date: 3 March

Birth Place: Durban

Siblings: Three younger brothers

Favourite music: Backstreet Boys, Chris BrownCeline Dion and Ciara

Profession: Aspiring Actress & Model and Executive Marketing 

My name is Jenelle Joanne Ramsami and I were born from Durban (South Africa) but currently live in Gauteng, as a partially deaf individual and I had to endure a lot of hurdles and challenges in life.

Where these experiences could have broken me as an individual, I had learnt to rely on God and myself to become a strong and dedicated woman.

I do think my story is very unique because having a partial disability, you are deemed by society as someone who is born to fail. This alone had made me more determined to succeed not just for myself but for the Deaf community as well.  

Three things to describe me are Determined, Intelligent and Confident.




After having being a FHM TOP 20 Model Top FHM 100 and being the first partially deaf model to compete in the FHM competition, I had received some negative and whole lot of supporters who have voted me.  I do think my story is very unique because there are many obstacles I faced along my journey to fame. Being partially deaf have made me strive harder because I had to have a certain amount of positiveness. In my story I always made people understand where I came from and my passion to succeed because as much for me as well my fans.



crying-sceneI then guest starred in a short deaf movie called, HOME – ” It’s where you belong” I played as Tessa, a vivacious and seductive character. She oozes sexiness in her earlier scenes and uses this to draw in men and particularly men with money. As the film progresses however, her character begins to develop, from a shallow ‘gold-digger’, into her true self, who is in actual fact an ambitious woman, who is eager to make something of her life.

Hence my motto in life is to live a purpose driven life, be an example to those who have given up hope to reach for their dreams and to leave a legacy.

Having achieved all of the above, I believe that I should not plateau but move onto new beginnings.  Check my resume to see all my achievements.

My smile lights up a million stars always. I create beauty with my hands and I radiate beauty from within. I make a fashion statement wherever I go and I always see beauty wherever go. Life is an experience that brings out the best in me. I triumph when my days are blue because I know my next experience will be much brighter than my worst. I am unique, beautiful, positive, strong-willed lady and above all, I welcome a challenge because that’s what makes me who I am and I am an overcomer.

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